No Neighbor

Frequently Asked Questions

What does No Neighbor do?

No Neighbor blocks all calls that come from phone numbers with the same area code and prefix as your own number. These are sometimes called “neighbor spoofing” or “neighbor spam.” For example, if your phone number was 212-555-1234, No Neighbor would block any call from a number starting with 212-555.

Note, this means that if you have friends or family whose phone numbers match the same area code and prefix, their calls will be blocked too! At this time, No Neighbor does not allow for exempting or whitelisting numbers. That functionality is under development.

If it is critical that you be able to receive calls from the same area code and prefix as your number, please do not use No Neighbor!

How do I enable No Neighbor?

Go to the iPhone Settings app -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification, and turn on the switch for No Neighbor. Then enter your complete phone number, and press the “Save” button to save it. Note: It may take a few seconds for No Neighbor to show up in settings. If it doesn’t appear immediately, try back in a minute or two.

settings screenshot

The settings switch to turn on No Neighbor isn’t there.

It may take a few minutes for No Neighbor to show up in settings. This seems to be a bug with call blockers on iPhone. If you have tried back after a few minutes and it's still not appearing, try deleting and re-installing, then launching No Neighbor again, waiting a few minutes, and checking the settings. If that still doesn't work, restarting your phone may help. I apologize for the inconvenience with this. I have reported the bug to Apple, and hope to see it fixed in a future iOS update.

I’m still getting spam calls. Why isn’t No Neighbor working?

First, make sure that no-neighbor is enabled in Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification. I have noticed that these sometimes get disabled with iOS updates or at other times, and need to be re-enabled.

Secondly, remember that No Neighbor will only block calls with the exact same area code and prefix as your number. Calls with the same area code but a different prefix will not be blocked. There are other call blocking apps which may help — you can have multiple call blockers enabled at the same time, so there’s no reason to not combine No Neighbor with another app that can block other types of spam calls.

Finally, it's important to note that Apple's call blocking functionality does not allow any call blocking app to completely prevent a call from getting through. When No Neighbor (or any other call blocker) blocks a number, it simply sends those calls to voice mail. So if one of these scammers chooses to leave a voicemail, you will recieve it and unfortunately there's nothing that No Neighbor can do to prvent it.

What happens when a call is blocked?

Calls that are blocked will go directly to your voicemail. This behavior is defined by Apple, so No Neighbor has no way to control or configure it.

I know people who have numbers that start with the same six digits as mine. How do I avoid blocking them?

By default, No Neighbor will block all calls that start with the same six digits as your phone number, even if they are legitimate calls. You may optionally choose to give No Neighbor access to your contacts, and it will then whitelist (or allow through) calls from any number in your contacts.

What is No Neighbor doing with my contacts?

No Neighbor does not have access to your contacts by default. If you do choose to enable contact whitelisting, No Neighbor will receive the phone numbers of your contacts, and use those to exclude them from the list of blocked numbers. At no time does No Neighbor send your contacts off of your phone, or store any part of them other than the list of numbers (without names or other information) that overlap with the range of numbers you have blocked.

Can I block calls from more than one range of numbers?

No Neighbor currently only supports blocking based on a single phone number. A future update may offer the option to block based on multiple numbers.

Is there an ongoing subscription fee for No Neighbor?

No. Once you have No Neighbor, you may continue using it without further charge.

How do I cancel my subscription?

There is no subscription to cancel. Once you have No Neighbor, you may continue using it without further charge.

I don't want to use No Neighbor anymore. How do I disable it?

You can either turn off No Neighbor in Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification, or delete the app.

I want a refund.

Please follow Apple's instructions if you would like a refund. Unfortunately, Apple does not give developers like myself the ability to refund customers directly.